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Merge folders

In March 2024, we will discontinue the user-based user mode. Therefore, you can either manually merge your folder structure, or it will be automatically merged from CatFolders version 2.5.

What does this mean?

Scenario 1

If your User-Based mode is off, there will be no change at all on your site.

Scenario 2

If your User-Based mode is currently on, or previously turned on, you would have multiple folder creators.

By merging folders, we will make all created folders available to everyone with access to the WordPress media library. It means all admins, editors, and authors will have the same folder organization.

Here’s how the process looks like:

  • What it was:
    • Folder creator ID number 1 → first user (aka admin);
    • ID number 2 → second user, and so on.
  • What it will be: all folders will be assigned to folder creator number 0 → universal user.

That said, if you are using personal folder mode, you can take actions to manually merge folders at any time.

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