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Backup/restore folders

Download folder backup

In case you have an established folder organization right under WordPress media library, and you want to keep a record, you can use the Backup and Restore tool.

Backup and restore folders

Here’s what your backup file might look like. Depending on your number of files and folders, the number of attachments can be huge.

WordPress media folder database

Manage folder backup file

If the User-Based Folders mode is ON, each user will be assigned to a specific ID. Hence, in the CSV backup file, the “created_by” column will show the first admin as “1” and so on.

User-based folder structure

If you want to have a global folder structure where everyone sees the same categorization, you can modify the “created_by” values into zero.

CatFolders - WP Media Folders created by modified

And then you can reimport this file to apply the changes. As a result, all folders are now common folders.

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