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CatFolders is the ultralight WordPress folders plugin to help you create media categories as folders. You then can drag-and-drop files to categorize them into folders.

How does it help?

  • To E-Commerce Businesses: Add new products and organize product images/gifs/videos into folders based on their classifications. For instance, a Fashion folder can contain T-shirts, Shoes, Dresses, Glasses folders, etc.
  • To Photographers and Designers: Keep your thousands of photos, graphic designs, and other media file types in well-structured folders. Such categories like portfolio, inspirations, collections, street photography, anniversaries, etc. make it super easy for you to publish them to page/post and share the links.
  • To Web Developers: Deliver a website to your client in a well-structured presentation by uploading graphics, animations, brand assets, and other media content to categories/folders. These arrangements will help your clients easily manage their WordPress websites.
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