Pawsome News! CatFolders Document Gallery Roars to 100+ Active Installs

Pawsome News! CatFolders Document Gallery Roars to 100+ Active Installs

Our mission has consistently been to simplify media folders, and we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey – CatFolders Document Gallery has officially reached 100+ active installs!

We want to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you who has contributed to the success of CatFolders. Your support has motivated us to continually improve and refine our plugin to meet your evolving needs.

This time around, we have numerous exciting highlights to share with you, showcasing the remarkable milestones we’ve achieved along the way. 

The average rating of CatFolders Document Gallery on WordPress.

CatFolders Document Gallery seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg and CatFolders – WP Media Folders plugin, allowing for the swift publication of WordPress PDF galleries. With this tool, users can display all WordPress file types:

  • Documents: pdf, doc, ppt, odt, xls
  • Graphics: psd, svg
  • eBooks: epub, mobi, azw, azw3
  • Images: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ico, webp
  • Audios: mp3, m4a, ogg, wav
  • Videos: mp4, mov, wmv, avi, mpg
  • Others: svg, zip, json, and custom file types
The information of CatFolders Document Gallery on WordPress.

We firmly believe that the key to CatFolders Document Gallery’s success is a blend of various functions!

Firstly, publishing your WordPress document gallery from folders to the front end is a strategic move that not only keeps your visitors engaged but also significantly enhances the conversion rate. The front-end benefits are numerous:

  • Dynamic Document Management: 

With seamless synchronization, any updates made to the category folder in the WordPress media library are instantly reflected on the corresponding WordPress page or post.

  • Searchable & Sortable: 

Your audience enjoys the convenience of searching by title and sorting the document list based on various criteria such as date, file size, and file name.

  • Fast Performance: 

Experience swift performance enhancements by easily adjusting the number of documents per page without the need to reload the entire page.

  • Fully Responsive: 

The data table list/grid ensures optimal functionality on any screen size and mobile device, providing a responsive and user-friendly experience.

CatFolders Document Gallery is displaying file list.

Secondly, as an administrator, you gain access to a range of customization options with the following advantages:

  • Easily Tweak Layout and Columns: Fine-tune the layout and columns to meet your preferences effortlessly.
  • Create a WordPress File Gallery: Craft a visually appealing WordPress file gallery that seamlessly aligns with your website’s design.
  • Organize Documents and Files: Keep your documents and files systematically organized within folders for streamlined accessibility.
  • Dynamic Gallery Updates: Enjoy the flexibility of dynamically updating your galleries to reflect changes promptly.
  • 100% Free: No need for upgrades, as the system comes fully packed with premium features at no cost. 
  • This comprehensive approach guarantees an enriched user experience and effective content management.
CatFolders Document Gallery displays the file list in a list layout.

As we celebrate the achievement of 100+ active installs for CatFolders Document Gallery, it’s the perfect time to highlight again the key benefits that make our plugin stand out. CatFolders Document Gallery offers a range of advantages designed to elevate your WordPress experience:

  • Customizable with options for both list and grid layouts.
  • Provides user role management with configurable access permissions.
  • Fully responsive, ensuring optimal performance on any device.
  • Establishes an overview page for document lists.
  • Compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, WPBakery, Bricks, and more.
Media Folder Access where you can control folder permissions in CatFolders.

New Features

We continuously strive to enhance CatFolders Document Gallery by introducing new features. Over the next few months, our roadmap includes the release of several exciting additions, such as:

  • Adding German language to our recent updates, as well as translation in PO file.
  • Supporting POT file, extensions for user interface text translation files. 
  • Additional New order by size (GB > MB > KB > Byte) that categories to the varying needs of our customers.

Keep an eye out for additional updates!

Upcoming Features

We eagerly anticipate the promising future that lies ahead for CatFolders. We are confident that CatFolders possesses the potential to emerge as the preferred plugin for all types of customers of all scales.

  • Enable document thumbnail
  • Elementor integrations
  • Shortcode for Enfold theme

Here are the anticipated features that will be launched in the future. We can’t wait for the day when it will be in the hands of users. 

Thanks once more to all our users for your continuous support! This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

While you’re at it, be sure to check out these great inspirational samples of how a document gallery transforms your resource page:

Hence, if you are seeking an easy-to-use tool for organizing and managing your files within WordPress media folders, CatFolders is the ideal solution for you. 

Get involved today!

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