6 Top WordPress AI Website Builder Platforms (Tried and Tested)

Are you looking for the best WordPress AI website builder platforms? If you are, keep reading this article. This post will show six top WordPress AI website builder platforms you should try.

WordPress is one of the easiest CMSs for building a blog or an online store. With the help of themes and plugins, you can create any website. Since AI technology is improving daily, have you ever considered making a website with AI’s help?

Multiple WordPress AI website builder platforms can build a website without coding.

If you are looking for a reliable solution to build a WordPress website with the help of AI, keep reading this article. Here, we will show you six of the best WordPress AI website builder tools you should try.

First, let’s see why you should choose a WordPress AI website builder platform.

Why You Should Choose a WordPress AI Website Builder

Selecting a WordPress AI website builder has multiple benefits. First, you will notice how easy content creation and website design is. With the help of prompts, you can create any website you need.

Similarly, using AI website builders is ideal if you run an agency that will design websites for clients. This way, you can create websites without a hassle and with minimal time. This way, you can increase the overall revenue.

Now you know why you should choose a WordPress website AI builder. The next section will show you what to look for in an AI website builder.

What to Look for in WordPress AI Website Builder Platforms

If you are looking for WordPress AI website builder platforms, consider these factors:

  • Ease of use: Ensure the website builder offers an easy-to-use interface and configuration. You should not worry about coding or anything technical while building the website.
  • AI-powered features: Next, you need to check the features the builder offers. Some top tools will automate the design process and content generation.
  • Performance and speed: Choose a platform that will not impact performance. Since Google considers website speed one of the ranking factors, optimizing the website’s speed is ideal.
  • Customization: Check the tool’s customization options. If you want to stand out from the crowd, choose a highly customizable platform.
  • Integrations: Integrating the builder with third-party platforms or services will be useful in multiple situations. For example, you can enhance the website’s features by integrating the AI tool with Google Analytics or social media platforms.

Now you know what to look for in WordPress AI website builder platforms. The next section will cover the article’s core, listing the six top website builder platforms.

Best 6 WordPress AI Website Builder Platforms

The six platforms we are going to list are:

  • Divi AI
  • Elementor AI
  • 10Web AI WordPress Site Builder
  • CodeDesign
  • Appy Pie
  • ZipWP

Each platform comes with unique features and integrations. Below, we will explain what each tool has to offer. Based on your preferences, you can pick an option.

Without any further ado, let’s go into the list.

1. Divi AI

divi ai - wordpress ai website builder

If you are a fan of the Divi WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes, you will love the Divi AI feature. With the help of Divi AI, you can easily create custom Divi-powered websites. The main thing we liked about this product is the ability to customize every inch of the website. The tool can also help you customize your existing design.

With the help of prompts, you can add any feature/section to your website. You do not need to use third-party tools for the content generation. From the visual builder, you can start using the AI feature. The feature can also help you generate images automatically.


  • Section generation
  • Prompt library
  • Floating sidebar
  • Modify existing design
  • AI-generated CSS


Divi AI is a premium feature. It will cost you $16.08 a month for the subscription.

2. Elementor AI

elementor ai - wordpress ai website builder

The next tool we have for you is created by Elementor. A few months back, Elementor released their new product, Elementor AI. It is one of the network’s best AI WordPress website builder platforms. You can create custom website designs by combining Elementor AI with the Elementor WordPress plugin.

The image customization options available in Elementor AI are unique. This tool allows you to generate custom images and modify them according to your preferences. For example, you can remove or replace image backgrounds, create image variations, extend pictures, and so on. With the help of these features, you can create unique pages for your website.


  • Custom container layouts
  • Word generation
  • Custom tones
  • Coding function
  • Image customizations


Elementor AI is a premium feature. You need to spend $3.49 a month for the subscription.

3. 10Web AI WordPress Site Builder

10web website builder

10Web is an excellent platform to run an online business. They have multiple products, such as an AI website builder and hosting. You can create websites with custom prompts with their AI WordPress website builder. During onboarding, the tool will ask you about the business type, name, description, etc.

By providing these details, you can generate the website. The best thing about this tool is the customization options available. For example, if you need to add your brand colors to the website, that’s possible via the editor. You can choose any color you like and add it to your elements.


  • Custom prompts
  • Color customization
  • Highly secured
  • Add multiple pages
  • Excellent customer support


10Web AI WordPress Site Builder is a free platform.

4. CodeDesign

codedesign - wordpress ai website builder

If you need a feature-rich tool to generate a WordPress website, check out CodeDesign. The AI features available in this tool are excellent, and you can create any type of website. All you need to do is explain what type of website you need in under 200 words. Then, the platform will start generating your website’s design and content.

The tool will also give you a free domain name. You can use this domain name to host the site during testing. The best thing is you do not need to pay a single penny for the domain name. Importing the design to a WordPress site is also simple. You can install the plugin and verify the API key. After that, the website design can be imported to a live site.



CodeDesign is a premium tool. The tool will cost you $15 a month.

5. Appy Pie

appy pie website builder - wordpress ai website builder

If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool, check out Appy Pie. This popular tool lets you create Android apps for your websites. It recently joined the AI revolution and developed a custom WordPress AI website generator. All the websites designed by this platform would be optimized for SEO.

This way, your website will rank better on search results and outrank your competitors. Since Appy Pie also has a user-friendly interface, designing your website would be simple. Anyone can create a website without technical knowledge. All the websites developed with the tool will be mobile responsive, and you do not have to worry about using custom CSS to make it responsive.


  • Free domain name
  • Easy generation
  • Custom prompts
  • No coding required
  • Excellent support


Appy Pie AI WordPress website builder is a free tool.

6. ZipWP


If you want a brand-new tool to help you create WordPress websites with AI, check out ZipWP. ZipWP is developed by the same team behind the popular WordPress theme Astra. Hence, you can ensure the tool will have cutting-edge features and top-tier support. With this tool, you can build any type of website you need.

Based on your requirements, you can generate a prompt for the site. Then, the AI website builder tool will pick the right design for the site. The tool also generates some copy for your pages. All the text can be modified and customized according to your preferences. The tool is compatible with most third-party WordPress plugins and themes.


  • No coding required
  • Easy launch
  • Quick validation
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with third-party plugins


ZipWP is a freemium tool. The free version subscription comes with limited features. The premium version will cost you $399 a year.


There are multiple options for creating a WordPress website. You can build it yourself using a dedicated page builder plugin or hire a designer. If you need to take things further, using AI would be one of the best ways.

In this article, we have shown you six of the best tools to generate WordPress sites easily. If you are a fan of Divi, the first option (Divi AI) would be ideal. Similarly, you can pick a tool based on your preferences and requirements.

All the tools mentioned in this article have unique features, so it is worth trying them.

Which WordPress AI website builder platform are you going to use?

Let us know in the comments.

Sreehari P Raju
Sreehari P Raju

Sreehari P Raju is a freelance WordPress content writer. He started using WordPress in 2015 and loves writing tutorials, product reviews, and listicles. While not working, he loves playing Minecraft or eating KFC.

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